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1601 Elm St
Dallas TX 75201
United States


Incorporated Protections provides administrative support and project management for owners, operators, entrepreneurs and investor building, buying, scaling and selling small and mid-size companies.


Benny L. Walk, Esq


Allow me to introduce myself: 

In "real life" and LinkedIn I'm Benny L. Walk, Esq.

On Twitter and Instagram I'm @lavvocato. 

For the past 15 years, I have been committed to economic development through entrepreneurship. Throughout my career, I have invested labor and capital into numerous bootstrapped ventures in search of the intersection between media, entertainment and technology. And, along with those endeavors, I performed short stints on Wall St. and Capital Hill, at law firms, public schools, non-profits and think tanks and in retail banking and commercial construction. 

As Advocate-For-Hire at Incorporated Protection, I work with lower and middle market private investors, high growth technology startups, small and midsize enterprises and content creators in digital, TV, film, and music, providing legal support and business advisory services throughout a their company's life-cycle, from idea to investment to exit.

Incorporated Protections has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build their business by organizing their entities, setting up cloud based back office systems, registering intellectual property and preparing agreements for early stage investments.

Incorporated Protections has also advised investment groups and platform companies on complex transactions including growth financing, mergers, acquisitions and other liquidity events.

Additionally, Incorporated Protections has provided deal attorneys and general counsel with legal support services such as forming and dissolving entities, preparing and filing registrations, managing intellectual property rights and licenses, conducting research, performing due diligence, producing and reviewing drafts of key documents and managing day-to-day contracts.