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1601 Elm St
Dallas TX 75201
United States


Incorporated Protections provides administrative support and project management for owners, operators, entrepreneurs and investor building, buying, scaling and selling small and mid-size companies.

Terms & Conditions

Essential Documents include...

the applications, articles, agreements, forms, and memorandums needed to secure ideas and organize endeavors.

Administrative Support includes...

the books, records, schedules, pitches, and plans needed to attract investment, manage assets, and generate returns.

Operational Assistance includes...

strategic assessment, beta testing, research, analysis, lead development, calculated outreach, representation, negotiation, event production, content creation, brand narration, community building, procurements, arrangements, pickups, deliveries....

Builders and Creatives are...

programmers, designers, makers...engineers, scientists, architects, craftsmen....

producers, directors, writers...photographers, musicians, artists, performers....

StartUps are...

ventures employing technology and willpower to solve problems, provide services, make things, sell goods, and/or buy interests.

Production Companies are...

entities formed to develop, license, finance, produce, and/or distribute content through any and all mediums.

Tools of the Trade:

ContractExpress and Shake for documents

Xero for bookkeeping

Bill.Com for accounts receivable/payable

ZenPayroll for payroll

Zenefits for human resources and benefits

Keynote for plans and pitches

Google for apps and analytics

Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Seed & Spark for crowd-funding

AngelList for accredited investors

YouTube, Vimeo, and VHX for distribution

Bank of America and Capital One for banking

PayPal, Square and Stripe for payments

Squarespace for websites

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr for social...

Incorporated Protections is not an attorney or a law firm. We provide administrative and operational services in accordance with our clients' specific directions. All counsel or consultation is based on our application of common business practices and judgment formed through years of entrepreneurial trial and error. All documents are produced in accordance with our clients' input and instructions and are based on terms, clauses, and formats that are industry standard, community vetted, and publicly available.

Benny L. Walk, II, is an attorney barred in the State of California. Any and all advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation regarding legal issues must be addressed outside of Incorporated Protections.