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1601 Elm St
Dallas TX 75201
United States


Incorporated Protections provides administrative support and project management for owners, operators, entrepreneurs and investor building, buying, scaling and selling small and mid-size companies.


Maximum Security

Full Tilt


We incorporate protections for startups and production companies looking to raise funds through friends and family, the crowd, organizations, institutions, angels, and venture backers.

Our Maximum Security provides a comprehensive set of protections:


Production Companies


includes basic document suite



Research and Applications for Accelerators, Competitions, Grants, Fellowships, and Tax Credits

Term Sheet

Convertible Note Purchase Agreement

State Filings for Stock Issuance

Stock Plan

Stock Ledger

Common Stock Purchase Agreement

Vesting Schedule

Common Stock Certificate

Stock Option Agreement

Notice of Stock Option Grant

Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement

Preparation of Stockholder Consent

Subscription Letter

Memorandum Re 83(b) Election

Action By Written Consent other necessary and appropriate fundraising documents



Research and Applications for Festivals, Competitions, Grants, Fellowships, and Tax Credits

Private Placement Memorandum

Investor Financing Agreement

Promissory Note

Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement

Finder Agreement

Shopping Agreement

Submission Release

Pre-sales Agreement

Distribution Agreement

Exhibitor’s Licensing Agreement

Merchandising Agreement

Product Placement and Clearance

Chain of Title Documents

Master Use and Synchronization License

Completion Bond other necessary and appropriate production documents